1:1 CFS Nutrition coaching

We work together to understand the root causes of your symptoms and how best to address them with nutrition, supplements and lifestyle.

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does this sound familiar?

  • You feel like the plug has been pulled out the back of you. There isn’t an adequate word to describe the level of debilitating fatigue and exhaustion you experience every single day.
  • You crash and all your symptoms worsen after physical, mental and emotional activities leaving you frustrated and the unpredictability makes it difficult to live life as you want to.
  • It feels like your brain has stopped working. You can’t concentrate, read, hold sentences together or process information. Simple decisions feel impossible to make. Headaches and migraines are common.
  • You are wired. You feel on edge all the time. Your phone ringing or someone knocking on the door makes you jump out your skin. The world feels overwhelming.
  • You have a whole load of new digestive symptoms that leave you confused about what to eat. You feel like certain foods aren’t safe anymore and that you are reacting to more and more.
Take a second

Imagine how it would feel if…

  • You have the energy you need to enjoy each day
  • You have confidence in your body and your health
  • You can eat from a place of joy rather than restriction
  • You can make plans and be spontaneous
  • You feel able to relax, switch off and know when you need rest
  • Sleep comes easily and you wake feeling refreshed
  • You are out of survival mode and are thriving
This could be possible

let me introduce…

The Heal and Bloom Programme

nutrition and functional medicine

A comprehensive approach that supports you on your health journey

  • 90 minute initial consultation where we deep dive into your health concerns, medical history, medications and goals for working together.
  • Health questionnaire, food diary and previous test results analysis – you send this over before our first consultation so I can focus our time on what is important to you.
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute appointments to keep things on track, cut through the overwhelm and make incremental sustainable changes together.
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan which evolves as we progress through the programme.
  • Supplement protocol (if needed) and access to professional grade supplements.
  • Functional testing options; such as a stool test for digestive complaints, Organic Acids Test to assess energy production, hormone panel for stress and sex hormones, nutrigenomics to understand how genetics may be contributing to symptoms.
  • App based food and mood journal that I can provide feedback on.
  • Secure instant message contact between sessions so you feel truly supported on this programme .

What to expect…


Online clinic

All your precious energy can go into healing rather than having to travel to see me. We meet via secure video call that you can book in for a time that suits you best. Calls from bed/ sofa are the norm and you are welcome to have someone with you.


Bi-weekly appointments

Healing isn’t linear and I will be there every step of the way to check in and offer nutrition support as your symptoms ebb and flow. We implement new protocols gently so as not to overwhelm the body and as we do things gradually we can see what is making the difference.


Personalised resources

You will receive a personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan which we work through together. You will have weekly achievable goals. You might be given handouts, workbooks, recipes or meal plans to help you implement what we are talking about in our sessions.

4 month programme

Let’s begin your health transformation


£575 x 4 Monthly payment plan
  • 90 minute health and nutrition assessment
  • 7 x 30 min bi-weekly appointments
  • Access to ‘Collective Energy’ community calls
  • DNA test and interpretation included
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Supplement protocol
  • Functional testing analysis
  • Food and mood journal app
  • Instant message support

Would you like to talk things through?

frequently asked questions

Check out my how can I help page for all the info.

This is personal to everyone and is not something we can predict. For complex chronic fatigue conditions there is rarely a quick fix with many elements of healing needing to be addressed. We will begin working on your most pressing symptoms which will hopefully bring some relief, but we can expect to work together for 12 months +

We will have a conversation in our last appointment to decide what to do next. You may feel confident to go off alone and continue implementing our work or there may be a need for continued support. I offer flexible options for continuing our work together and we decide what feels right for you.

My specialism is in complex chronic fatigue conditions, if you are experiencing chronic fatigue that is undiagnosed/ unexplained or due to another illness please get in touch as I may be able to help.